High Power LED Flasher circuit diagram | 10 WATT LED FLASHER | 20 WATT LED FLASHER | 30 WATT LED FLASHER

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In this blog I will be sharing an amazing circuit diagram for flashing high power LEDs. The circuit is very easy to be assembled on a PCB.  It employs only a few components. This circuit was tested on breadboard. The recommended power supply for the circuit is 12 volts 2A. The power supply can be adjusted as per the power spec of the LED used in the circuit.

Concept of the LED FLASHER Circuit

  The LED used in this circuit is of 12v/20watts. The switching action of the LED is obtained using popular IRFZ44N MOSFET. Any similar mosfet can be used in the circuit.
The heart of the circuit is the astable-multivibrator built using NE555 timer chip.  The 100K Potentiometer can be tuned to obtain different time intervals for ON/OFF.

Spares needed for LED FLASHER Circuit :

  • LED : 10 to 40 Watts 
  • Resistor : 10K
  • Potentiometer : 100K
  • MOSFET : IRFZ44N or IRF540N (Any similar MOSFET)
  • IC : NE555
  • Capacitors : 22uF/25V 
  • Non-polar Capacitor : 104 (0.1uF)

The circuit discussed in this blog was tested on breadboard. Awesome output result was obtained using  10 Watt LED  as load. If you want to see the video on this project please watch my channel
on Youtube.

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