How to repair a dead induction cooker , step by step procedure explained !!

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In this blog I will be sharing some information on troubleshooting of induction cookers. Nowadays there are variety of brands manufacturing different types of induction cooker. However the topology of the main circuit is common in all induction.

An induction cooker transfers electrical energy by induction through the induction coil into vessel made up of ferromagnetic material . It consists of a induction coil that is driven through an IGBT ( Insulated Gate Bipolar Junction Transistors) which is further driven by a logic pcb board that consists of a microprocessor or any microcontroller depending upon the design. The IGBT imparts power in the induction coil that creates electromagnetic waves. This electromagnetic wave is used for heating effect to use in cooking. There is a temperature sensor mounted on the top of the induction coil that detects the temperature and sends signal to the logic board about the temperature conditions. Through the control panel of induction  we can adjust the temprature, time, mode, etc. These all the tasks are performed by the microprocessors or the microcontroller embedded in the circuit design.

There are a lot of problems seen in the induction cooker when it's used for a long duration of period.
Here I am providing few steps for troubleshooting a dead induction cooker.

How to Repair Induction Cooker ?

Equipment required :
1. Screw driver
2. Soldering Iron
3. Digital Multimeter

Step 1. Check the power cable via continuity test using multimeter.

Step 2. Check the Fuse on the PCB board.

Step 3. Check the IGBT and the bridge rectifier module using the digital multimeter.

Step 4. Check the non-polar capacitors mounted on the board.

Step 5. Check the microprocessor or microcontroller unit on the pcb board.
However there is very less chance that these would be damaged.
More than 80% of the problem is resolved in following Step 1 to Step 3.

What to do if IGBT is damaged ?
If the IGBT is damaged replace it with a new one with same part no.
Many of the induction have "H20R1203" IGBT in their models.
If a faulty IGBT is found do not forget to check other discrete components around it. Because sometimes the failure of IGBT causes damage to the nearby Diodes or other components in its path.
While replacing the IGBT use thermal grease for better heat dissipation.
If you have any other problems please comment below 

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