Homemade 4.1 Amplifier Circuit Diagram using TDA2030 / LM358/ MJE3055/ MJE2955

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Today in this blog I will be discussing about "How to make 4.1 Amplifier System at home. I am providing the details for the circuit and assembling of the amplifier here. Please read the blog carefully.
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About the Circuit Diagram : 

The circuit discussed in this blog is based on a class AB-Type Amplifier and is powered using single supply. The total output power of the circuit is near about *100-Watts. For satellite speakers the output power for each channel is about 10-12 Watts. The satellite speakers could be a woofer speaker (Tweeter connected in parallel) having impedance of 4-ohm and power up to 20 Watts  (4" to 6"). If needed a tone control circuit can be introduced for satellite stage speaker to control the high stage bandwidth (Bass and treble). For satellite speaker I am using a  an 4 different amplifier stages build around the popular TDA 2030 Audio Chip.
It is cheap and easily available around the market. Its audio quality is very good.
     The heart of this Amplifier is the sub-woofer stage that provides the bass frequencies form 20 Hz to 70 Hz. The filter for the sub-woofer amplifier is built around dual-op amp LM358. The power amplifier is capable of providing output of around 50-Watts and is capable of driving 12" Woofer as well. One can use a 10" woofer also with the configuration.
The circuit was built by me for one of my friends. The sound quality and power of the bass was awesome with no any single hum or any kind of noise. The transformer for the power supply that I used was 0-18 V/5 Amperes.

Circuit Diagram for 4 Channel satellite stage amplifier :

4 Channel Audio Amplifier Circuit Diagram TDA 2030

Components List:



Components List:

Details for IC and Power Transistors :

IC (T) = TDA 2030 X 4 Piece
IC2 = LM358 X 1

Power Transistors :
T1 = MJE2955 (PNP)
T2 = MJE3055 (NPN) 

Details for Power Supply :

Bridge rectifier : 7 Ampere  (Can use 4 X 1N5408 Diodes to construct one)
Transformer : 
Recommended : 18 V/ 6 Ampere
Or can use any transformer of 5 Ampere and voltage range 12V to 24V.

Power Supply Topology : Single supply

Assembling : The above provided circuit can be built on a good quality PCB for better stability.