50 Watt Sub-woofer Amplifier with Sub-filter Circuit Diagram | Single Supply AMP

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In this blog I will be sharing you an amazing circuit diagram for a power-full sub-woofer for indoor use.The circuit is very easy and cheap to be assembled. This circuit was built and tested by me on a 12” Subwoofer. The bass quality was awesome . The circuit is cheap to be assembled as it is powered using single supply. The components used in this circuit are low priced as well easily available around the market. This circuit can be also used for car sub-woofers if built in two channel mode. Each would have output power of around 50 Watts.

About the Circuit Diagram :

The filter of the circuit is built around popular LM358 Dual op-amp. The audio input can be directly fed to the input of filter stage . The output of the LM358 drives the power amplifier stage which is built using TDA 2030 audio chip along with MJE3055 and MJE2955 ( Complementary Transistors  Pd = 75-Watts ). The circuit is powered using a single supply. The  maximum dc input voltage for the circuit is +18 volts. Higher voltages may damage TDA2030 Audio Chip.

Sub-woofer Specs : 10-inch to 12-inch, having input impedance of around 4-Ohm.
The circuit can be assembled on a good quality PCB.

Circuit Diagram for 50-WATT Sub-woofer     

50-WATT Sub-Woofer Amplifier Complete Circuit Diagram

Components List :

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