Best 5 Power Transistors for Audio Power Amplifiers | Complementary Pairs

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In this blog we will be discussing about some famous audio power transistors that can be found easily
online or at any nearby store. If you are designing a power audio amplifier it is very important to choose the best power transistors for the output stage. There are varieties of Power transistors available around the market. But before choosing the power transistors for the power amplifiers one must know about the necessary specs for design such as wattage , power supply range, current handling capacity, etc.
Here below I am providing the List of top Power Transistors that are being widely used in high power amplifiers.


#1. TIP 3055 NPN and TIP 2955 PNP Complementary Pair Transistors

  These transistors are widely used in old design class AB-type amplifiers. The maximum power dissipation of the Transistor is 90-Watts. It as well comes in metal case packing and it's power dissipation is 120-Watts. The other package is of 75-Watts which comes as MJE3055/MJE2955.
TIP3055 and TIP2955 Power transistors

#2. TIP 142 NPN  and TIP 147 PNP Complementary Pair

TIP142 and TIP147 Power Transistors

If you want to have complete information about this complementary transistors Click the link below:


#3. TIP 35 NPN and TIP 36 PNP Complementary Pair Transistors 

TIP35 and TIP36 Power Transistors

Datasheet of this Pair :   Click ME NPN
                                   Click ME PNP

#4. 2N3773 NPN and 2N6609 PNP Complementary Pair Transistors

2N3773 and 2N6609 Complementary Pair 150-Watt Transistors

These transistors comes in metal package. There is only base and emitter terminal available, the collector of the transistor is it's body itself. These are widely used in older high power audio amplifiers. The more information about this complementary pair can be found in their respective datasheet. Please click the link below to visit :

#5. 2SC5200 NPN and 2SC1943 PNP Complementary Pair Transistors   

2SC5200 and 2SC1943 250-Watts Power Transistors

These are high power complementary pair transistors having power dissipation of 25-Watts. These are used in very high Power Audio Amplifiers.