50+50 Watt Hi-Fi Power Amplifier Circuit with PCB Assembly Single Supply

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  Today in this blog we will be sharing you an amazing power amplifier circuit that is capable of driving two 12-inch woofer or speakers. The maximum power output of this amplifier circuit is 50-Watts per channel. This is stereo power amplifier circuit so total output power of the circuit is 100-Watts (if the input transformer rating is 24 volts capable of delivering 6 amps of current). This is a single supply power amplifier so it does not employ any dual power supplies, hence reduces the cost of building.

     The circuit is built around famous audio amplifier chip TDA2030 and pairs of  MJE3055 (NPN-75Watt) and MJE2955(PNP-75Watt).The pair of mentioned transistors are added at the output stage of TDA-2030 to increase the output of amplifier. The use of TDA2030 audio amplifier chip provides Hi-Fi sound quality. The stability of this amplifier is very good. The audio chip along with the power transistors should be mounted on the heat-sink to dissipate heat quicky. The insulation should be provided between the surface of power transistors and heat-sink by mica-sheet. TDA2030 can be mounted directly on the heat-sink without any insulation.You can use thermal paste while mounting the chip and power transistors to increase the thermal conductivity.

Circuit Diagram of the Power Amplifier
100 Watt Hi-Fi Stereo Power Amplifier Circuit

List of Components :
IC1 and IC2 = TDA2030

R1,R2,R3,R4,R6,R7,R8 and R9 = 100k (All resistors1/4 watt)
R5 and R10 = 8.2K (1/4 watt)
Rout = 2.2R/1 Watt 2Pcs
R = 1.2R/2Watt 4Pcs

T1 and T3 = MJE2955T
T2 and T4 = MJE3055T

C1 and C3 = 10uF/35volts
C2 and C4 = 4.7uF/35volts
Cin = 10uF/35volts
Co = 2200uF/35volts 2Pcs
C7 and C8 = 4700uF/50 volts 2 Pcs
C5 and C6 = 224PF or 0.22uF (Polyster or Ceramic)
C = 104PF or 0.1uF (Polyster or Ceramic)

D1,D2,D3 and D4 = 1N4007

Transformer rating:
0-24volt /6 amps 

Recommended Power supply : 24Volts DC upto 6 Amperes

Note: The audio amplifier chip and power transistors must be mounted on a good quality
heat-sink for the long stability of the amplifier.

Sometimes it often happens when you try to build the circuits published on the blogs its difficult
to find some of the components used in the circuit. So I am providing you all with the substitutes
for the power transistors in case if you don't find the mentioned transistors.

MJE3055T can be replaced by  TIP41C
MJE2955T can be replaced by TIP42C

The circuit was build and tested on a 4ohm 12inch speaker. The sound quality is excellent with
 verylow distortion. Soon we will be uploading the video demonstration of this project for the
power amplifier using single supply.