Solar based mobile phone charger circuit

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 In this tutorial I will explain you about solar based mobile phone charger. It is very simple circuit to be easily build by any beginner. The circuit is so simple as it uses very small number of components. All you will need, is listed below and is easily available on electronic stores. This can be really helpful circuit for the school projects for building solar based phone chargers.1. Solar Panel 6 Volts/5 Watt or 12V/10Watt .
2. LM317T (Adjustable voltage regulator).
3. Variable Resistor
4. USB Socket
5. Capacitor.
The circuit is shown below---

The circuit is very simple , the output of solar panel is fed to LM317T voltage regulator. VR1 is adjusted to get output of +5volts for mobile charging action. C2 is used for smoothing output voltage.

For Datasheet of LM317T click the link below---------
LM317T Datasheet



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