Amazing IR Proximity Circuit Motion sensor circuit tutorial

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 Today we are sharing you an amazing circuit for the infrared proximity sensor which can be used to sense the motion of any obstacle passing through the front-part of IR LED and Photodiode assembly. The passing distance of the obstacle can be adjusted using the potentiometer in the circuit.
This circuit can be really helpful in building switching action of lights depending on the motion or type of motion. So if you want to build this project go ahead and try now.

  The circuit is built using LM358 that acts as a comparator. LM358 is an dual-opamp. It is used as a comparator in the circuit. It detects the change in voltage drop across photodiode by pin 3 and compares it with the threshold at the pin 2 set by the VR 5K. The photodiode is used in reversed-bias mode i.e. its positive terminal is connected to ground and negative terminal is connected to the positive supply.

IR Led is used in forawrd biased mode. The output from the pin 1 of LM358 is fed to pin 14 of CD4017 decade counter. Pin 14 is the CLK pin of CD4017. When it recieves the analog signal from LM358 the latch is set and outputs it to pin 2 of CD4017 that further drives the transistor resulting in the switching action of relay. The pin 13 and 8 of CD4017 are shorted together, similarly pin 4 and 15 are shorted together. Refer the circuit below :-
Components List :
Resistors : R1=330R, R2=10K, R3=R4=470R, R5=4.7K, VR1=5K. All 1/4Watt.
Red Led, Green Led, IR Led, Photodiode.
IC : LM358 Dual Op-Amp
Relay : If you are using +12V supply then use 12 volts relay SPDT and if you are using +5V supply use 5 volts relay SPDT.
T1= BC546/BC547/BC548 [any of those mentioned]

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